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What is that?

The service enables third party connections to a client's OLB (Online Broker) account, allowing third party applications (TPPs) to be linked to OLB accounts. The solution is based on the Czech Standard for Open Banking version 6.0 issued by the Czech Banking Association.

Who is the third party?

A third party is a bank or a company that is authorised by the CNB (or another national bank within the EU) to provide an indirect payment order or payment account information service.

What is it good for, what these services enable?

Balance information - the TPP application will make available information on the balance of the Internal Payment Account (IPA) and the history of movements.

Indirect payment - a payment can be entered from the OLB via the TPP app.

Is this safe?

The client always gives consent to link TPP to their OLB account first. This consent is valid for 90 (or 180) days, after which the consent must be renewed. Each connection to the TPP is verified (certificate validity).

Information for TPP

If TPP is interested in connecting to the AKCENTA API, please send an email to compliance@akcenta.eu with a connection request. The request should include at least the following information:

  • Basic information about TPP (company name, contact person, phone number, mail)
  • Name and description of the TPP application
  • The public part of the certificate that proves that the TPP entity holds a license issued by a national regulator in the scope of data pumping for AISP / PISP

After reviewing the information provided, the following information will be forwarded to you:

  • TPP identifier (client_id) for sand-box environment
  • Security element (client_secret) for sand-box environment
  • Akcenta AISP/PISP-API documentation, including URLs for connection
  • Test credentials for authentication with Identity Provider to the sand-box environment
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